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Dunryte Electric's mission is to deliver safe and quality electrical services to each residential and commercial client. Provide above and beyond personalized customer support and consultation to each client.


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Dunryte Electric's customers are the sole reason of our business existence. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We commit to open communication, cost-effectiveness, safety, reliability and honesty.

HONESTY: We hold our company accountable for our performance and expect each Dunryte Electric employee to hold themselves accountable to achieve each customer's expectations.

RESPECT: We respect each person's property and will follow the wishes of our customers while performing electrical service work at their place of residence or business.

ENTHUSIASM: Enthusiasm is fundamental to achieving success. Dunryte Electric maintains a positive, "can do" attitude to afford each client the best experience from each electrical service call.

Warrenty & Guarantee

Dunryte Eletric ("DE") warranties all DE installed parts and labor for one year. DE guarantees your electrical service project will be completed in accordance with National Electrical Code, regulations and specification. DE will maintain all necessary licensing and insurance in compliance with the State of Pennsyvania Electrical Licensing Board and the Pennsyvania State and/or local governing body that sets liability and worker's compensation standards.

When required, DE will obtain the required electrical permit(s) to accomplish the requested work - (Owners and Tenants of residential rental properties may not request or obtain electrical permits, the property owner must hire an electrical contractor to do this). DE will obtain necessary electrical permit(s) for all commercial customers. DE guarantees each project that requires an electrical permit will pass electrical inspection by township electrical inspector(s). The customer will not incur additional DE expenses if multiple visits are required to effect passing the inspection.

DE does not warranty non-DE Electrical supplied parts or materials. This also applies to non-DE Electrical labor. Date of warranty begins on date of completion (finish) of work. Concurrent warranties may be in effect for two or more electrical service projects (each project will be covered by its own one year warranty. Earlier finished projects will not be combined and/or "renewed" by the latest date of the last finished project).


Polite, Clean, and hardworking…

I had to get a coaxial cable run from a bedroom to a living room. It was supposed to be easy but the cable was deactivated. He was working for about two hours but didn't charge extra. While he was working, he was very polite and did the job In a very clean way. Thank you Chris! Boo S. Lambertville, NJ

Fast, Efficient, Affordable…

"Chris and his crew came to my house to fix a electrical problem that 2 other companies couldn't figure out. Dunryte fixed the problem in a short period of time and for a great price." — Grant Harm

"High quality reasonable priced work!" — Melissa J.

A Part Of Your Community

"Can't begin to thank you for coming here on Sunday. We got the water out of the basement in about 5 hours with a pump and the sump pump. Didn't lose much except junk we should have thrown away long ago. My neighbors who stopped in while you were here noted your company name. I spoke with them later and she is going to tell everyone she knows (and she knows everyone) about your company. My neighbor with the tractor is doing the same..." — Alice Buschman

Quick & Efficient

"Thanks for upgraging my grandmother's fuse boxes to breaker panels. You were quick and efficient and she's happy with the new service. And I'm happy with not having to worry about her overloading her curcuits or using pennies in the fuse box!" — Sebastian Stojek